Hayman 2020H Revamp

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Richard bought this recently and whilst it was a very pretty instrument, he didn’t feel that it looked quite right (and I agreed with him!)

Horrible Japanese gold humbuckers!

What is holding the string balls in exactly? Not a very elegant solution

No Headstock badge and logo? - Oh dear!

The thin white scratch-plate just cheapened the whole thing, the white against the cherry ‘burst was great but somehow just not right

So, I started to take it apart and change things a little. Luckily I had a pair of original Re-anns spare (yes, spare!) so they would look and sound exactly right.

There was a place to put the strings through, but no ferrules to hold them so this would need to be addressed.

Last time it would look like this

Modern humbuckers are so small and whimpy compared to big beefy British Re-Anns, the cavities are huge by comparison.

So, time to get on with it.

I didn’t think that scratchplates could be made this thin

This is such a great guitar, whoever sorted out the electronics in it was very good, lots of tone variations - one I’d like to keep!

New scratch-plate blank

Pickup cavity is routed for earlier 2 point adjustment pickups whereas mine are 3 point adjustment so as a result the body cavity needs a little enlargement to accomodate the third adjuster

Making the headstock badge is fiddly but ultimately satisfying

Starting to look a bit better I think, the scratchplate was going to be ‘smoked’ but I just love this clear ‘skeletal’ look, and it’s very true to the original British Hayman ethic I think. I’m pleased to say that Richard agrees so it is staying clear! It would be such a shame to hide the lovely sunburst or the symmetry of the two ‘f’ holes.

All Finished!

Time to collect it Richard, I hope that its the 2020H Replica of your dreams now..

The Ferrule was cut from Aluminium and polished, much better than the original bit of black plastic

Richard wanted a cover for the truss rod adjuster so I made one from stainless and polished it up - (thats GruberSaberhagen’s reflection!)