The work continues

It really is a mammoth exercise, progress is steady and I must admit I’m enjoying it. I keep thinking of new ideas to incorporate and my mantra is to try and spend as little as possible. The change so far is immense, hopefully now I’ve reached the peak of destruction and I’m on the home straight. The wall cladding is mostly done, paint purchased, the log burner is refurbished and moved to a sturdy platform (yet to be finished with tile sides).

This is an interim post, it’s the first of March. Whilst working I’m listening to vinyl albums on my trusty old Mitsubishi MC8000 linear tracking deck which I bought in 1982. Glorious luxury, 8 albums a day, things I’ve not heard for years, Japan, Renaissance, Led Zeppelin, Rush, ACDC, Peter Gabriel, Al Stewart, Porcupine Tree, even the whole of Kate Bush’s live Hammersmith Gig. Like I said, I’m enjoying the job….

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