The Great Work

Good grief, what a job this is turning out to be. The big machinery is finding its way to Holland as I write and the main (live) room looks like carnage. I pride myself on being organised in the workshop/studio which means that large scale reorganisations like this involve moving EVERYTHING, there is little to throw out, no benefit from ‘editing’, just rehoming thousands of things in an organised way so that next time I need a half inch olive or a 100ma fuse I know exactly where it is. I want the result of this shuffle to be interesting, cosy, informal, a great creative relaxing environment. So far it’s just a drudge, if it wasn’t for lockdown I’m not sure I’d be doing it but what else is there to do? Hopefully the days lost to it will be outweighed by the surge in productivity once its done, and Spring is surely on its way.

This is now day 3, somebody commented that it looked like I’d been burgled. More to follow…

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