Making your creative work environment attractive is a vital part of the process. I know, some of the biggest hits have been inspiration on the bus, train, plane, stuck in the bathroom at CBGB’s – but for plodders like me it’s easier if there is a ‘here I am in this fantastic looking facility, I feel like writing some music’ thoughts going on.

Equipment takes up a lot of space, nothing kills the mood more than having to get everything out in your spare room and set it all up each time you want to record. A bespoke location makes the process flow, it also closets you in a special place that your brain recognises as the ‘place where music happens’ which is so conductive to believing what you are doing is valid.

I have no illusion that I’m ever going to produce something with mass appeal, a masterpiece, even something that is successful in the eye of the village where I live let alone the world. First and foremost these little musical landscapes and textures I put together are for me, I can wallow in the sound and the movement, if others like it (or even hear it, some of us are a bit shy with our work) then that’s great.

So for the last day or two I’ve been planning another isolation Booth in the studio, just small, vocal booth. To make it interesting I’m going to make it look like the Tardis from Dr Who. To do it I need to move some of the workshop elements of that space over to the other side of the room. Remake a bench or two, physically shift tools, sell a few big bits of machinery that I’m unlikely to use again. Fingers crossed that I can make progress over the next week or two, in the meantime, I can punctuate the work with some recording sessions, it’s turned into a great environment for work flow already.

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