Warmer… so out into the Control room, doubleneck in hand, time to get one of the new songs demo’d for the band 😊 it’s fast to use the doubleneck because I’ve got infinite guitar options through the GR55 in seconds coupled with a huge variety of bass options with the Vb99.

This song is a shuffle, sprang from a GR55 synth phrase, then moves into a more ‘straight’ 4/4 groove. It motors, and putting it down was fast, the new virtual drums are very rewarding, easy to edit in midi, sound great with minimal effort.

Just 5 tracks including the sitar sample

Mixed it down to an mp3 and sent it out to everybody….. Fingers crossed, we may be able to do something with it, if not, I’ll post it here on the ‘Music’ page. I’m impressed with the speed of the work flow, the rewire has been a great success, looking good for the future.

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