Manic Monday

The Studio is still cold, but not as cold as it has been over the last couple of weeks. Difficult to play when your hands are stiff with cold. Continuing the studio setup is possible if I am wearing additional layers, hopefully with the weather warming this week, tomorrow I’ll be set to actually record.

In the meantime, for speed with future demos I’m going to download a drum plug-in (I’ve lost that functionality now that Reason and its computer is ‘toast’). Yes I also have a fully mic’d up kit but I’m not good at playing and don’t want that holding up the work flow. I can drop the virtual kit out and then record the acoustic kit multi track later on if I want. Best to let the ideas flow first, struggling to keep to the click is a real inspiration killer.

I’ve read so much about virtual drums in this last week, I’ve decided that at the moment, for my demo needs that the Steven Slate Drums 5.5 looks perfect, plus there is a free version I can use to evaluate how it fits into the process. Download was simple, installation straight forward, the samples are truly awesome. I also had to do the crazy Win 10 update to fix the hole that MS left open at the last update – I hate these updates, I always think it’s going to be Blue Screen of Death!

So, 15th Feb 2021. Let’s see where we go next 

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