What Happened Next…

Its been a while since my last post, the first 12 months, no excuse, after that? Well, we all know what happened…..

Things were moving along nicely, writing was going well and some great opportunities came along. We did quite a few gigs in the Sladest Tribute Band, even played at Glastonbury in 2019 on the Avalon Cafe Stage, towards Christmas it became frantic (as usual) and the original music was on the back burner waiting for time to move forward arranging and recording. That started in earnest at the beginning of 2020 when we finally found a vocalist, unfortunately, almost immediately, we entered ‘Lockdown’ for coronavirus – so only managed to get halfway towards the vinyl album in an entire year! Frustrating isn’t the word, and now of course, in 2021, we are all stuck in solitary, no rehearsing, only long distance contact, discussion, individual work.

Hopefully, this imposed imprisonment may ease by Summer, then we can get together again, fingers crossed. This blog (grubersaberhagen) was designed to be a kind of info diary, just for me (and you of course). I’ve been playing in a number of bands over the last few years so I don’t want to duplicate any of their stuff here in detail. I have material that doesn’t fit in those incarnations, and I will park that here. You may get an insight into where some of my songs come from, developing my instruments and sounds, how to build a project studio on a budget, why you should ignore online purist recording zealots (because they have already ‘made it’ big time – right?)   One of my alter-ego’s is Moonraker Zoo, there is room for all music, hifi, low-fi, perfect, imperfect, rough around the edges and polished to perfection Moonraker Zoo, Once More

If you’d like to hear or see any of the output from our original rock band ‘Sedgemoor’  then go to the band website – www.sedgemoor.org and dive in to the music and videos produced so far. You can watch and subscribe on Youtube to our Channel to be notified of new releases Sedgemoor on Youtube

If you’d like to see and hear the band Sladest cover songs by the 70’s Glam Rock band Slade, then visit our Youtube Channel Sladest on Youtube 

I’ll make the effort to update from here, far better than trying to catch up 24 months in a few paragraphs



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