Studio Re-organisation

There are two computers in the studio, my original pc running Windows 10 and focused on the Reason DAW, and the new studio pc, still running Windows 10 but most importantly the latest install of Reaper. We switched to Reaper 18 months ago for all new recording, we ported all the old recordings across for safety.

It looks like we were right to think that the aging pc might let us down because sure enough, having not booted it up for 4 weeks, when I eventually did, it locked up and totally refused a restart. Motherboard D. O. A. Such an old machine that it’s not worth repairing. I can use many of the parts but really don’t need the second computer.

I was using it as a ‘tracking with effects’ monitor to avoid loading the new machine because often when we play we record 18 tracks at once (drum kit has 9 mics on it on its own). A studio rewire was required, to restore that functionality, I brought a Yamaha Aw4416 back into active service (wonderful old school hard disk recorder based on the legendary O2r)

It took a few days, patch bays and cabling but now, with included talk back, we have an exceptionally streamlined facility. It’s probably as good quality as mainstream studios 20 years ago but this one costs us £0 per hour, we can use it whenever we want, take our time, wallow in sound. Hopefully the next few months will see Sedgemoor back on track for this vinyl project.

Control room, Somerland Studios
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