Welcome to the new website

So after a long period of inactivity I’ve decided to update the old website, the original guitar archive can be reached from the ‘Archive Guitars’ tab in the menu, hopefully for the diehard Shergold fans it is still worth me keeping those files online to help with modifications, repairs and builds.

Nowadays I am only making things that I need for the bands that I am in, it is a total luxury to have built up the skill to do that over the years, some of it is quite exotic too so I wouldn’t be able to just drop into a music shop and buy it.

Although I am no longer taking commissions I am still very happy to ‘talk guitars’ so alway feel free to telephone or email me if you think I may be able to help with a little advice or support. This year (2019) the objective is to record an album by Christmas and get it released- on Vinyl! – I regret never having done that ‘back in the day’ mainly due to vinyl being totally usurped by CD’s; time to put that right 🙂 Fortunately I’m not doing this on my own, over the course of the next few months you will meet the other characters if you stay the course.



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