New Doubleneck

Following on, I’ll be needing a new double neck. Those of you who ‘know’ me are aware that this is the kind of thing I’m known for, making these Genesis replicas

But this time, for me, being realistic I wanted something that could be far more versatile. The answer was building 4 instruments into one. To explain; the top section (guitar) would be my own build but internally would hold the electronics of a Line 6 Variax 300 and in addition a built-in Roland pick up to trigger a GR55 synth – so, thats a modulating guitar that can sound like anything, together with a synth which at the same time can put pads behind what I am playing, sweet. The top section could be a 6 string because Line 6 model 12 strings well, this means that unlike previous instruments, lead lines and chops are far easy than on a 12 string. The bass side would be a 5 string standard active using my pickups (pure bass) but in addition it would also have a GK3B Roland pickup built-in to trigger a VB99 synth giving access to not only all of Rolands Bass COSM emulations but all of the synth sounds too – 4 instruments.

I had no idea if it would work but if I was going to get to the stage where I could play some Prog it was a risk I was going to have to take (chuckle). I wanted it to look like an acoustic top (Line 6 acoustic modelling is very convincing in a live band environment) and you will appreciate that the routing for the electronics was a real headache – so many back bays in the guitar, so much shielding of cables, nightmare. I’m pleased to report that it all went very well (even if it did take a year because remember, I have so many things I’m into). here are some photos from different stages. I have played it out live, it is wonderful, the through-neck bass is the best neck feel that I have and because I made the 6 string neck wider than normal to accommodate my fat little fingers, arpeggios are clean, action lovely. They wanted £800 for a case!! So I made one and lined it with cheesy purple fur.

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