Then of course, everybody should have a fretless….

Well, I’ve had a few, bought off the shelf, never really got on with them (and assumed that was because my playing style and ability may not be up to it) but once again, a few songs just needed that ‘trombone-esque’ sound so… time to get the design pencil out again.

This time I was more certain of what was needed because of the experience playing the 5 string in the band. Same rules applied but I wanted it to look very pretty, birds-eye maple, hollow body, exotic woods, wood-shelled pickups, cats eye soundhole etc etc. Active electronics and a resin sealed Wenge neck so that it would play like ebony, laminated through-neck. I’ve not actually used this live, I’ve taken it many times as a back-up but we are currently not playing anything that warrants it. I can play EVERYTHING on it which is great (finally laid to rest any doubts I had about being a ‘real bass player’) and with the Thomastik flat wounds on (pricey but OMG what a feel) it is a classy instrument. Here are some images of the build at different stages and the finished item;

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